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  • The general area for application of majorpack technology is the protection of downhole tubing, pump rods, and couplings, operating in severe conditions, including highly aggressive environments complicated with asphaltene and paraffin deposits

  • The combination of barrier and protective coating layers supplemented with special protective equipment (Streamers) creates the ultimate multifactor protection system
  • majorpack® — multi-factor protective system for submersible equipment

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About problems

The corrosion of submersible equipment, including tubing, is caused by the negative impact of the extracted fluid, which poses a number of technical challenges for oil-field developers. The additional costs, associated with increased corrosion as a productive oil formation (layer) is developed and oil production intensification technologies are applied, become more tangible.

The speed of corrosion processes is significantly increased by modern methods of extracting hard-to-recover oil reserves, and the oil-field’s corrosiveness is enhanced by field operation while maintaining layer’s pressure.

Effective ways to fight corrosion are replacing the tubing material with a corrosion-resistant one and using tubing with an anti-corrosion coating.

The average production rate of oil wells in Russia decreased over 10 years (2008–2017) by 4% with an increase in average water cut up to 86%.

Indicators show a decrease in drilling efficiency: over 10 years (2008–2017), the volume of production drilling increased by 78%, and oil production - by 12%. The most intensive drilling was carried out in the period of 2014-2017 - then the indicator increased by 40%, but production rate increased by only 4%.

In the period 2008-2017, when the conditions for oil production became more complicated, the capital and specific (unit) operating rouble costs of oil companies for oil production increased significantly (by 2.8 and 2.3 times, respectively).

This happened in the context of the rouble devaluation. In most cases, the use of tubing with coatings helps to solve the issue of reducing operating costs.

The need to protect tubing from abrasion arises during oil production by means of sucker rod pumps (SRP), operating in conditions of high curvature of a wellbore and in environments with high corrosivity.

The effectiveness of the majorpack ziPLY96 coating, designed to operate at a well stock with SRP, was confirmed by laboratory tests in the mid-2000s.

After that, pilot field testing of tubing with the majorpack ziPLY96 coating was carried out at the production fund, including wells equipped with SRP and complicated by abrasion and corrosion factors.

Test results led to a high demand for a new product.

The most intense corrosion is usually observed in the area of ​​the joint (tubing-coupling) connection.

The negative process is accelerated by high turbulence and oil flow swirls.

The majorpack Streamer, developed by our company's specialists, allows almost completely eliminating uneven flow inside the coupling.

Majorpack Streamer is the special joint (tubing-coupling) connection insert, consisting of two rings made of heat-resistant plastic to protect the threaded connection and the pin end of the tubing. The use of the insert prevents corrosion and washing out at the joint connection of the coupling and tubing nipples, which increases the reliability of the tubing string and reduces the energy consumption for oil production. Despite its simplicity, this design is highly efficient.


majorpack® products

Multi-factor system, combining protective and barrier properties, helps to effectively deal with external influences affecting the corrosion processes.

Intermetallic layer:

  • Increases abrasive wear resistance
  • Prevents underfilm corrosion
  • Reduces pitting corrosion
  • Provides cathodic protection
  • Provides body protection if barrier layer is damaged
  • Works as a primer
  • Provides thread protection
  • Provides strong antibacterial effect (SRB, APB)

Polymeric layer protects from:

  • Chemical corrosion
  • Acid corrosion
  • Streaming effects
    • Cavitation
    • Flow turbulence
    • Solid particles
  • ARPD

Intermetallic Properties:

  • High adhesion level of over 30 MPa
  • Microhardness 2.5 times higher than N80 API steel
  • Mechanical damage resistance
  • General wear resistance
  • Temperature stability – over 350°С

Select the required types of protection




majorpack ziPLY96 coating – multifactor protection system (duplex), designed and manufactured for the complex tubing’s protection, including threaded connection and its outer surface in particularly severe corrosive environments.




majorpack ziPLY97 coating - multifactor protection system (duplex), designed and manufactured for the complex tubing’s protection, threaded connection and its outer surface in the environments, complicated with asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposits (ARPD).




majorpack reziPLY97 coating - protective system based on epoxy phenolic polymer, in majorpack coatings’ line-up, designed to protect tubing during operation in the environments, complicated with ARPDs.




majorpack ziPLY99 coating - multifactor protection system (duplex), designed and manufactured for the complex tubing’s protection, threaded connection and its outer surface in the environments, complicated with asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposits (ARPD).




majorpack reziPLY99 coating - epoxy-phenolic polymer based protective system, designed to protect tubing in milder corrosive environments with excessive asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD).




majorpack ziPLY ST – highly effective bimetallic protection system of Fe/Zn intermetallic compound with stainless steel working surface, specially designed for tubing operating in highly aggressive environments, complicated with multiple corrosive factors.



Washing out

majorpack Streamer - special patented protective device (insert), made for the protection of the end of tubing’s nipple and prevent the internal tubing-to-coupling thread connection from corrosion and washing-out as a result of the impact of the flow on the unprotected threaded part of the tubing-to-coupling connection.

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