Set up of the Majorpack technology

Majorpack is an emerging leader in industry standards and technology for OCTG anti corrosion coatings. Years of extensive research and product development have concluded that multifaceted systems are necessary for complete corrosion protection of downhole tubulars. Our experts have tested and created exclusive coatings to ensure protection from all corrosive agents in any given environment including, but not limited to: H2S, CO2, and bacteria. Our success is proven through numerous field studies in Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Duplex Coating System for Downhole Tubulars

Majorpack provides a duplex coating system that combats corrosion and abrasion. The base intermetallic layer offers ID, OD, thread and connection protection. This layer is a diffusion zinc coating that is several times harder than N80 steel and has increased meantime between wear failures 3 to 5 times. Third party lab testing proved the intermetallic layer is poisonous to Sulfate Reducing Bacteria and Impervious to Acid Producing Bacteria. The second layer is an ID polymer layer that offers added protection from acids as well as deposit mitigation. Its very common in oil and gas for polymers to get a holiday in them but this is not an issue with our duplex system. If/when a holiday forms in our polymers, the intermetallic layer will adapt to the environment and produce a thin zinc carbonate or zinc sulfide scale that fills in the hole. This provides the needed protectiion against corrosion.