Set up of the Majorpack technology

In the mid 90-ies of the last century a group of Italian engineers set to develop the protective coating, for steel and cast iron products, from the destructive effect of the environment in which they are used.

The most aggressive environments which, from the corrosion point of view, have been singled out as a priority spheres of application are marine, oil and others alike.
By the end of 90-ies they developed the new protective coating called Majorpack, which effectively solve the problem and could resist aggressive external destructive factors.

Specialists not only used in their work the certain groundwork of research institutes and existing technologies but for the first time they have connected barrier and protective methods of metal’s prevention by the way of combining some most effective materials and the way they are coated, perfectly supplementing each other in this generated multifunctional system.

Majorpack coatings line up

Assuming as a basis, research result and Majorpack technology, currently the creation and development of other different kinds of coatings, meeting the specific requirements of different industrial environments and suiting customers’ demands, keep going on in the present time.
Particularly, there have been invented the line-up of Majorpack coatings, taking into account peculiarities of various oilfields and differences in extractive fluid’s chemical composition.

Alongside with this, some new kinds of coatings have been added to the Majorpack line-up.
These new coatings perform its protective functions both in less aggressive environments (outdoor air) and in more aggressive environments (marine environment, at the watershed boundary), covering the requirements of a wide range of customers.

Majorpack integrated solutions

In the process of development and technology’s improvement Majorpack specialists have thoroughly studied all the problem factors of oil and gas industry and at the same time other technological ideas, aiming at extending the life-time of the equipment have been created.

Because of the essential distinctions in environmental composition in different oil-and-gas deposits the priority between one or another problem factors may vary greatly not only in different geographical areas but even at the specific oil wells in the course of time.

With the accumulation of further experience by Majorpack specialists, they have made the decision that for the complete tasks solutions, facing the oil wells maintenance departments, the comprehensive approach and the integrated solution are needed.
The following approach have been worked out: Majorpack specialists have studied and offered some specific arrangements and definite products relieving principal problems, on the basis of well-known features of oil wells.
So, finally in Majorpack’s product line-up both coatings and ready-made final products for the oil and gas industry have appeared for customs’ needs.